Crabbing Results

4 5/8 ounces was the winner of the Walberswick Crabbing Championships

1.metric hasn’t hit Suffolk yet

2. David Morrissey presented the prize- now he could have wieghed my crabs any day of the week – I thought he was fantastic in ‘Blackpool’- anyone else see it ?

3. Isnt David married to married to Esther freud , who was my pub buddy ( well she sat 2 tables away from me ) on Thurs night ?

4.The prize was £50

5. Who is up for it next year ?

6. The winner used fish bait as food – my crabs prefer an old pork sausage.

3 Replies to “Crabbing Results”

  1. How do you actually catch crabs?-if that’s not too delicate a question.Do you tie your sausage to a bit of string and then just chuck it in the water?Do you have a ‘square’ piece of water each and just catch in your ‘square’? Are you allowed to push other people over and take their crabs? Could you have spare crabs hiding in your trouser legs and just shake them into the water?-like in ‘The Great Escape’ when the prisoners had to get rid of all that soil.Does it depend on the variety of sausage used? Could it be a really big jumbo sausage?What do the crabs think about all this?Sounds like a good time of year for the crab community to take their annual holiday anywhere but Walberswick….

  2. Me too! I’d be up for entering, I’m sure I caught some pretty chunky crabs a couple of years back! 🙂 I love Walberswick SO much, I’m so glad and so grateful to have been able to experience it in all its glory, with such amazing people

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