Daisy Haggard – what a star

Sorry , I’m still drawn to it .

Did anyone read the article in Sunday’s Times magazine ?

‘ Please tell me , I said slowly.Did the brick hit her head ?’

It was a piece by the writer ,Jayson Greene , on the unbearable agony of losing his daughter in a freak accident .

Of course I did . Then I got to think of what other people would think when they read it . And of course ,I judged ,jumped to conclusions and made assumptions that most people would think …. how sad , how awful , how tragic …and then get on with their day to day stuff .

Meanwhile , I read it , and I think …

another heart broken

he’s in my cliche of a stupid club

how can he remember that level of detail ?

How can he bear to write it down ?

How can he bear to share it ?

Then I have a little weep and watch ‘Back to Life’ – which made me laugh a lot and for a little while distracted me from Greta’s death and Rosie’s death , and gave my brain a little rest .

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