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Thanks to all who sent Florence , cards and gifts – they mean a lot. As I’m sure you can appreciate , memorable days are hard to celebrate – our hearts are broken and we yearn for Rosie. But thanks to Florence’s lovely friends, Fifi,Nat,Georgie and Izzy calling round /takeaway pizza/pink fizz/sunshine/txts/beautifully worded handmade cards/homemade banana and choc cake( I made it – so watch out Nigella – anyone can do it with or without the suggestive finger licking !) /laughter/holiday stories/photos/tempura veg/pad thai/big brother, Florence’s 17th Bday was celebrated, with Rosie in our minds’ eye every minute of the day.

Jacob and I went up to Chelsea and met a lovely man, Alan, who has agreed to let us use the fabulous triangle space for Rosie’s exhibition. I won’t tell you too much yet , cos there is lots to be decided , but the dates are 14- 18 Dec – so start booking your flights ( don’t bother if you live in London ), days off etc etc

Off to Leigh on Sea today – well I’ve got to get out of london -Flo has her first driving lesson !

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  1. Im glad flo’s birthday was celebrated, even though its so difficult to do, im sure rosie is glad that the pizza/pink fizz/thai food/cake was cracked out.
    Flo got the driving lesson this afternoon-i cant WAIT to hear all about it!
    Very impressed with your use of bold font rachel, you’re getting to be a techy expert i can tell… x

  2. suchy a techy expert.and bless little flo, you know what shes gone and done for her first driving lesson… only gone and made herself a “frist driving lesson playlist”. SO SWEET. It includes some hype tunes like ” its the final countdown” and “footballs coming home” but also some mynestry of sound chill out music for when she gets stressed out at points.That girl… whatever next?

  3. SLICK RICKthats amazing about the triangle space , about time too. hope you didnt have to face crossly Flo see you soon for flavass. Look forward to hearing about the lesson

  4. Thom… All rapping sounds the same to me, and I am one of few people who can genuinely say that!
    Glad to see Flo’s birthday celebrated in a manner Rosie would have loved. Also big relief that Alan is lovely and didnt turn out to be who I thought he was, I’m not going to repeat my description that I sent Rachel!

  5. Go flo!! i hope she liked the dwyermobile reference in her card, it completely flew over mum and dad’s heads until i had to point out that flo can be let loose on the roads now she’s 17…so hope you got it faster than they did! so glad she enjoyed her birthday x

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