Day 2

J&J’s todays itinerary…..

11.10.10.-”From Navaho our route starts along the main road and then form a town of Gigil we head off North and up the rift valley. we soon start to climb and for the first time get a real feel for rural Kenya as our smaller road makes it’s way to The Abedare Mountains .Lunch will be 60kms into the ride and then we reach the highest point of the day 2425m, before the last relatively easy last 30 km to our lodge at Thompson falls. The Narok river comes from the rains of the Abedares and feeds the spectacular Thompson falls by our hotel before heading east past Mount Kenya and eventually out into the Indian Ocean.

day distance:99.2km total distance:182.8km total gain 999m.

R&F’s todays intinerary…..

After going to our respective educational establishments,we rushed home , shot up to town and went hobnobbing with The Chapman brothers at a PV of an amazing exhibition ‘Vanitas-the Transience of earthly pleasures’ ( whatever that means). Our friend kate ,had a couple of beautiful pieces in it and Flo had helped her with some technical stuff.It was at the most wonderful house -33 Portland Place.( allegedly as the artists were putting their stuff up ,a porn movie was being shot in the basement ). The red wine didn’t fill us up ( no nibbles ) so we shot across the road for something to eat.

day distance: approx 16miles( cheap and few calories burnt off , due to usage of oyster card ) Total gain – about 3lb. Oh it means how far up – well there were quite a few steps at the tube station , 2 floors of the exhibition and 2 trips to the downstairs loos in Pizza Express – so I guess about 3.7m

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