Dec 25th

I hope you all had a lovely christmas day .

We had a surreal morning at Brigstock Manor. the 5 of us were crammed into Grandmama’s room when we heard the sound of Santa’s sleighbells – sounding remarkably like the cowbell that Grandma keeps by her bed , that she used when we were children and playing outside, she would ring to summon us in for tea – and which had mysteriously gone missing ! Well Santa ariived looking rather familiar ( like the lovely Louis, the 2nd floor , 40yr old Nigerian cleaner wearing a santa costume at least 4 sizes too small , with a repetoire of Yo ho ho yo ho ho yo ho ho ), ,he tripped over Ma’s rollator and nearly landed on john’s lap. santa was surrounded by his elves – brigstock staff alll wearing red . The residents lunch is another story……..

Sarah cooked a ( in the words of Craig revell hall ) FAB- U -Lous lunch and we were looked after by the Clarkes. we all played the stick your name on your head and guess who you are ( 3X ) . the sarah, flo and i slaughtered the others at cranium . we felt very loved and cared for and safe .rosie was in our heads ALL the time.

Its hard thinking back ….. on Boxing day up until last year we went outdoor swimming at hampton open air pool . The mens hi light was seeing james Cracknell in the shower , the womens was watching me squeeze my head into my red rouched, 60’s swimming hat . How happy ( and cold ) we all were.

Today i want you all to think of my friend Nim Foy. On the 26th Dec 2004 , she was holidaying on the beach in Thailand with her husband John and her 3 children Robert,David and Kate . The tsunami struck and only Nim survived.On the 26th Dec a year before , her daughter Kate, aged 6 wrote this poem…..

If tomorrow will never rise Will the light of the moon shine upon the world

If tomorrow will never rise In the moon light up there, it lays the face above the sky

If tomorrow will never rise Up there you see the moon is shining right at you

If tomorrow will never rise

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  1. That’s an incredible poem for such a young girl, my thoughts are with Nim aswell as the Dwyer family today.
    When you said “he tripped over Ma’s rollator” I read it as “Ma’s rollerskates” and was slightly confused for a while having visions of Joan on rollerskates….
    And I would just like to say you may have won the cranium but what will be remembered is my team’s amazing talent especially at the imitation game (ok only John’s)- no one has ever done a finer Camilla xxxxx

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