Diana,Liz and Carol are the G’s roomies

Now I know Grandma can be a bit stroppy , but 3 policemen armed with machine guns ,patrolling the ward does seem a bit excessive – and you think I’m joking .Well I’m not ,it’s Gods own truth .Diana ( in Grandma’s words ‘My Guardian Angel ‘ – Florence, Sarah Brown and Del have gone right down the ladder ), Liz , Carol and I sat transfixed ,watching half The Met’s firearm unit patrol Mathew Whiting Orthopaedic Ward ( even though by rights ,Carol , who has had a gastric sleeve fitted shouldn’t be on it , but there are no beds in surgical ) ….and not one of the nurses would tell us what was going on.

Straight from from my afternoon of Holby City meets The Bill , I went to The Roundhouse , to see Circolombia Urban. It was jaw droppingly amazing/spectacular/beautiful.It is raw circus , its stars all being young street adults and teenagers from Columbia. The music and poetry are all hip hop and the dancing and acrobatics and mime and stuff was mind blowing, but beautiful and moving at the same time. I absolutely loved it

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  1. my brothers dorm mate woke up to find a policeman with a dog in his room at 3am, the next morning, no one believed him.. turns out it was true, they’d chased some yobs in the direction of the school (no surprise there then) and were searching the dormitories for them!

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