‘Diana,Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy ‘… with a little bit of John and Rosie

Apart from a dog weeing on my rucksack while I snoozed on the beach , the first mini-break of the hols was fab .

It involved walking over the Kent cliffs from Margate to Ramsgate , eating too much , Scrabble, singing ( the A-Z game, used to keep Jane and I awake for hours ) and all the other usual stuff ..

But this is the big news which I thought you might be interested in ……

On Monday at 9pm on ITV the programme ‘Diana,Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy ‘ is aired .

It will show a clip of John talking to William and Kate about Rosie and CBUK . Amanda Redman is narrating . Ashley Gething , the Producer/director emailed John and told him Amanda was visibly moved as she knew John and taught Rosie for many years at Artists Theatre School.

Unfortunately John and I will be camping in Dorset, Florence will be hiking in Bulgaria and Jacob is in Amsterdam !

So if you see it please let me know what you think…I might even have a signal !

We have mixed emotions about this .

No doubt ,John’s appearance will be brief ,but most of all wishing because of Rosie’s death , John hadn’t had to do this interview , but also glad he had the opportunity to speak

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  1. Also wIshing John never had to give this interview. He did so well and should be proud. I can’t imagine the shock you all must have felt. I wasn’t a parent at that time, but now with two girls of my own feel humbled and reminded that life is precious and can be short. Sending your family love , health and best wishes Janine Jones an old work colleague.

  2. It must have been the last place you wanted to be but, John, you had such a strong presence which spoke volumes. And, my goodness, that very beautiful photo of Rosie and you…

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