Did anyone leave 1 red leather glove at ours ?

This is a small part of a lovely email I’ve just received from a an American student, Debbie , who came to stay with us. It made my day …and made me cry- the worst part my grief , is missing Rosie and millions of fragments in my life ,don’t seem to come together. The email goes on longer ,this is just a snippet , but Debbie did mention the constant hints at getting hair straighteners for Christmas !

Rachel & Family,

It’s been ages and Im not even sure if you will remember me, lol. What is it, six years now since I stayed a few months with your family? I was doing some research to catch up and say hello to you all and read the devastating news about Rosie. The world truly lost a bright, incredibly talented & fun loving girl. I will never forget her inviting me in the living to watch “The Exorcist” on the television because it was the week of Halloween. Instead of letting it scare her she laughed and did her own impressions of Linda Blair’s character. I could tell she was trying to hold back her laughter at the parts that were attempting to be extremely horrific.

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  1. It’s such a credit to Rosie’s infectiously happy personality that a lodger from six years ago remembers her and remembers events like this so well. It’s nice to know Rosie is remembered by so many, no matter how long they knew her for.
    Her story made me laugh, esp the bit about the impressions-SO Rosie! x

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