Did anyone see Penn and Teller last night ?

What do you do ,when you unexpectedly find yourself with a free Sat ( walking/talking buddy has the flu ) ?

Clear out the loft of course. God, we came across a load of old junk – most of which we dusted and put back ( except The Scaletrix , we left that out ). But the thing that effected me the most , was Rosie’s little dog on wheels that she used to push around when she was about 2 . I’m pretty sure Helen had one too.It is a lovely toy ( shame it’s back is now concave from where Jacob used to sit on it and Rosie would try to push them both ) and I can see her with it – breaks my dam heart.

We are celebrating Bobby’s Big Birthday this evening by going for supper and to see’ The Invisible Man ‘- lets hope it’s a bit better than that darn awful play I subjected Sarah too ( I think the post production double rum and cokes numbed the pain ). He is an amazing , caring, lovely friend who has done more than just stuck with us – he has carried us a lot of the way.

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