Did buy some seviettes though

I’m struggling a bit at the moment .Sounds mean , but trekking to KCH Hosp everyday , trying to sound chipper and positive while being frontline to all Grandma’s anxieties is taking its toll. Hospitals are not easy places for us. Mind you she did make the patients laugh in her old ward ,as the porter wheeled her out to her new ,somewhat cramped and dark orthopaedic ward, she sang ‘wish me luck as you wave me goodbye’ at the top of her voice !

118 weeks ago ( yes I still count ) friends offered help , well if anyone still wants to offer I need some .Not only visiting Grandma, but to clean my pond out .I love my little pond , but it is filthy.It is not a quick job ..it has to be emptied ( back breaking ) , given a power wash ( you’ll be soaked ) , frogspawn saved and my precious frogs, put in a Bucket and given a wash ( rewarding ) . So please do get in touch if you can help with either of those joyous activities !

One thing I haven’t done is turn to my guru ( Jacob ) for advice . I say this as The other day ,while with Grandma we had a text conversation with Jacob .Grandma asked me to ask him ”what’s he going to be when he leaves college, his reply ”A nomad , a wanderer of the earth – spreading wisdom. ”

Last night Florence put her driving skills to the test .We shot off to Ikea, her first time doing 50 mph ,on a 3 lane carriageway ( didn’t sound so healthy in 3rd gear ) . Then we shot off to that well known initiation spot of new drivers – drive thru McDonalds. Pity we got in the wrong lane and shot past the ordering and the pick-up counters.How we did laugh …no tension in our car !

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