did you ever hear JR’s radio prog when Danii stormed out ?

I don’t know who I love more Jonathan R. or Kylie. Flo and I have just spent the evening in their company, along with Sean lock ( Ok ) and Seasick steve ( great ) – who I’ll have the pleasure of spending more time with next weekend at the HopFarm Fest- which you probably know is bigger and better than Glastonbury , but without the obvious benefit of Stolly ,crowd- controlling with their clickers. Kylie did happen to mention to us that shes prob going todo a surprise couple of numbers with The Scissor sisters at Glastonbury – so now I just have to persuade her to do the same with Van or Bob Dylan , the following weekend – I’m not hopeful.

I am hoarse from belting out ‘all my lovers’ and ‘love at first sight’ – hope you can hear us when you tune in on Fri night – only 3 left – boo hoo, sob sob.

We’re off to Devon avec les Clarkes tomo. Beach Bums one weekend , hippies the next , finely tuned athletes the next. Rosie will be laughing at us from somewhere. It all distracts , but it’s NEVER the same without her.

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  1. I’m going to telephone the (only) village bobby in Devon to let him know that there are some ‘noisy’ folk on their way down from London for the weekend. Once he’s propped his bicycle (complete with bell) next to the Village Shop,he can blow on his whistle to alert everyone to lock up their scones as there are strangers on town and they ain’t pretty…….seem to have gone a bit wild west here….

  2. My mum is going to hop farm! seems bob dylan is a massive draw to ladies of certain maturity! dont hold out much hope for pete doherty though – he’s cancelled more gigs than he’s ever played!

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