did you know Nick lives in France ?

The Lord let me down ( aided by Ben Elton ) LND was a pile of pants.

Stu – Tim has to be at least 26. how on earth did he slip through Sir Alan’s net ? I do so miss Margaret.

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  1. karren brady is just not what I thought she would be… she’s too, nice! maybe its just because they are kids so they have to be nicer… but she doesnt have margarets single eyebrow raising ability!

  2. It’s not the same without Margaret and the way she looked at the contestants so I haven’t watched it that much but deffo Arjen all the way, just so so sweet in his little suit.
    Oh no I had high hopes for LND since that woman perfomed on ‘Over the Rainbow’ but I’ve heard that it’s reallly bad. I guess it couldn’t beat the original which I’ve been watching on DVD when I’m meant to be revising…Didn’t you go and see it in the cinema with Rosie? I seem to remember you coming back and having the soundtrack xxx

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