Did you spot the football that Jacob gave ,that was so blown-up ,no kid could do a header!

Like you Sally, I’ve just spent over an hour going through The website http://www.southendacademy.org/.

I think it is fantastic ,and for a school like that ,in a remote part of Kenya ,to have that resource, is amazing . Did you spot our four little white faces poking out amongst all the students ,on one of the photos on the ‘Partners and Donors’ page ? I love the fact that they have included photos of ‘The Rosie Dwyer Artroom’ -seeing that blue door and red writing always makes me cry .I still don’t really believe she’s gone .Maybe it helps a little bit to think she lives on there, maybe even living her life through some of those kids . Stupid thoughts I guess.

Thanks to Anne Hindle for arranging it ,and to our friends and colleagues who came to last night’s Mass said for Rosie, at Ealing Abbey . It was very beautiful .I don’t understand the rituals or ‘get’ the beliefs ,but I love the …love,the peace,the kindness,the community,the building .It is good to be still and just to have her in my head and being in a church lets me do that.

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