Didn’t even get to say good-bye

Rosie loved those purple flowery trousures. They were cheapies from Adams. That photo was taken one summer picnic on the hill behind Pembroke lodge ,Richmond Park.

Adam, of course I model myself on Sue, only difference being , in my 52 years, I’ve NEVER worn a red track suit – or a blue or black one , come to that .You comment made me do a mini- PHAH !

One of my hi-lights of going to Brigstock Manor , was seeing the lovely Nathaniel. He lived with his Auntie in Shepherds Bush and travelled to Thornton Heath to work as a cleaner there , to pay his uni fees. He was in his 5th term of an engineering degree. Sadly, he could no longer earn enough to pay his fees and so has gone back to Kenya. He was the gentlest, kindest, chattiest young man you could ever hope to meet – and he loved Grandma. We used to talk and talk about Kenya, it’s politics, people geography, Rosie, The Southend Academy etc etc . Grandmama misses him. he used to break up her day.

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