didn’t get lost once

The walk today ,I give 11 out of 10. It was stunningly beautiful…train to Eastbourne, No. 12 bus to Exeat and then 12 miles up hill ( bloody steep ones ), down dale ( not enough of them ), picnic lunch on Birling Gap Beach – sulked cos I forgot cossie, short snooze, was tempted to ring the Samaritans ( their no. is everywhere ) at Beachy Head , not cos I felt remotely suicidal , but cos my ankle hurt and thought they might give me some sympathy ,or paracetamol.

The end to a perfect day – Junior Apprentice, why on earth didn’t Jinette Krankie go ?

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  1. rees was my favourite- but just because he had a funny face.I had a tutorial with the artist, Mark melvin last year (the guy that did the mirrors and the writing pieces about stuttering). Didn’t like him at all, really cold man.

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