Dining Al Fresco

Lorna, I hate to tell you this – but you don’t have a cuboard under the stairs .So where have you been hiding this time ??

Sadly ,I have to tell you we have an impersonator in the camp. 2 nights ago my heart missed a beat when I saw i had 6 responses – a record. Until all was revealed later on when AF said he had written 3 of them – so apolojies to Flo and Thomas – although I still think the wrapper question was a good one ( you can’t really beat the iconic purple dairy-milk ) . Holly was yours the real mcCoy – or does AF have to be sent to his room ….again !?

Today ,Florence, Jacob and I took Grandmama out for a picnic – it was all going swimmingly until Jacob threw the frisbee and it landed cms from a 10day old baby’s head ! We told Grandma about Rosie’s exhibition and asked if she’d like to go . Her response was ”No thanks- I’m not interested in that sort of thing ” , followed up by ”have you sent those paintbrushes to kenya yet?” Something tells me she’s not right behind this charity !

Patrick – your photos of NYC are amazing – love all the atmospheric shadowy shots , and the one on Brooklyn Bridge is so different to the one of Rosie on the Bridge – yet taken from nearly the same spot.

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  1. jacob wrote thomas’s one as well?! i thought him writing flo’s was obvious but he must have waaaay too much time on his hands if hes impersonating 2 other people…
    the “have you sent those paintbrushes to kenya yet” made me laugh A LOT. i assume the Princes Trust is benefiting from all of Joan’s contriubtions…?!
    Where are the photos of NYC? Facebook? I want to see them!
    Contenders for the favourite wrapper are Daim and Toffee Crisp, though i dont think you can beat Dairy Milk…

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