Do tea hotels only serve tea ?

We had radio contact …well an email from the boys sent on Henry’s blackberry.They are trying to keep in touch ,but it isn’t easy They are both well and say that the guys there are with are great.I’m going to type you up their itinerary , even though John says, and I quote ”some of the descriptions so far have been far from accurate ”. so you’ll have to wait a week for the real details.

Anyway…….13.10.10 Kericho is our destination tonight and we transfer a little way out of town as the roads are busier with traffic making its way to Uganda.The road generally climbs most of the way to Molo and has a magnificent view of carpets of tea plantations ,where we stay in a local tea hotel”.

day distance 97km total distance 346.3km total gain 1400m.

Just watched the C4 news-I’m holding my breath for the Chilean miners- i feel everyone is united in their emotional outpourings of hope for them . Following this news footage was the update from the 7th July London bombings enquiry-that hit a chord too.Last night I was out with 2 of the mother’s whose daughters were murdered on that day. It was Laura’s birthday. So for all our children who have died we ate,drank,wrote on fire lanterns and sent them off into the sky …then we all went hysterical when one got caught on Hazel’s shed and we couldn’t dis-lodge it !

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  1. I’m glad J and J are well, I am so impressed with them.
    Just put up a few photos on my wall here in Padova and had my first Italian conversation about Rosie. Needless to say I dont have the words in Italian to describe how amazing she was and the complete injustice of it all, but I think some things are universal and my roommate liked hearing about her.
    Thinking of you all as always xx

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