Don’t boil it Jacob

Izzy, I LOVE the story of the bus – did it knock the bollards over ( or was that Rosie on a driving lesson )? I am so glad you had such happy happy funny funny times, she should be with us now to have more happy , funny times.

It’sThanks to Lorna giving me all her old copies and loving them , i now subscribe to the magazine ‘Coast’ .What a shock ,on page114, there is an article about …..Gigha. Its 6miles long,has 1 main road, a hotel , 2 shops, a few holiday cottages, a marauding bunch of Newcastle Uni students and loads of whopping great halibut – apparently it is famous for them ( halibut NOT students). with all AF’s experience on Waitrose fish counter, they should eat like kings.

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  1. ye- leaving today. turns out we’ll be sleeping in tents. which I think i knew from the begining but pretended I didn’t. gunna be chapping. keep warm with a big bottle of scotch. I’ll be finesee ya’ll in a week or so- I’ll try give ya a call- but never know what reception will be like on this island. probably fine in the age of the throw away society in capitilisms path to world domination in creating a society where we are all extras in the spectacle, functioning on these disgusting COMMUNICATION SUPER HIGHWAYS! just joking. lol.

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