Don’t cheat by looking at the forum for the answer

I managed to get move David Grey to one side of my brain when I went to see a fantastic musical play ‘Spinach’ at The kings Head .Then came home ,checked ye olde mails and someone had put this on my Chiswick forum puzzle request thingey……

”OK, here’s one.

Imagine an empty room with white walls, no windows or mirrors or picturs or anything on the walls. Just a door. Three men sitting on chairs one behind the other, all facing in the same direction facing a blank wall. They are not allowed to turn around or talk to each other. A fourth man enters at the back of the room and tells them he has a paper bag containing 5 paper hats, 3 green and 2 red. He then takes three hats at random from the bag and places one on each man’s head. The men can only see the hat(s) in front of them, they cannot see their own hat. The man with the bag then asks if anyone can work out what colour hat he has on. After a couple minutes of silence the man at the front puts his hand up and says “I know”. What colour was his hat, and how did he know? (this is not a trick question, there are no missing facts) ”

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  1. Green?? Because he knew that if the front two men had red, the back man would have declared himself to have green, and that the middle man would have said something if he saw that the front man had red and the back man hadn’t said anything (making his hat, by default, green) So the front man’s hat colour has to be one which would have both the other men unsure, making it green?? That probs makes no sense to anyone apart from in my head haha!

  2. Yes cos thats what 2 people wrote on the forum ( My brain got in a complete pickles ) .Well done georgina- you get the prize !

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