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I’ve survived,no not my first half term back at work , but my first drive with Florence Button behind the wheel…….It must have gone OK – we are still talking…….and walking.

Thanks for my 2 evening Standards this week, it does make a difference to my sad little life esp tonight as C4 have taken phil & Kirsty away from me , plus i’m missing recipe night in thr ES , NOT that I’m a creature of habit !

Its 10 months today , since we said Good bye to Rosie and so now you need to refresh .Wasn’t she just the most beaut little girl ? The photo in ‘the dress’ that Flo made was taken by Flo for part of her GCSE textiles exam and the one with Tim , Helen, Oliver,Jacob and Flo was taken at the Top of The Rock . God how Rosie loved NYC.

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