Don’t forget your armbands

I only have to mention the trials of a full bladder…and up starts a heated debate. I notice all Rosie’s friends aren’t all joining in.

Emailed Jacob first thing this morn to say the weather In istanbul is going to be fab this weekend and so to get his speedos out and also to tell him all our news ( that took all of 30 seconds ), including I’m not seeing Grandma today as I’m taking her to The Swimming Club reunion lunch party on Sat. He must have speed read it , as he emailed back in 45secs , asking if it was a good idea to take Grandma swimming …now I’m normally game for most things but….He is also hoping to sigh up for the only 2 continent ( not incontinent Lorna and Claire – don’t go rushing to get an application form ) 15K. You start of in Asia and end up in Europe, unless of course you take a wrong turn and you’re in The Bosphorous ( didn’t you have to put goggles on to look at that when your science teacher set it alight ? ).

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