Don’t try doing it at work.

I can safely say ,it’s not a good idea to attempt to write this log in my lunchbreak.I end up all of a dither,clicking ‘submit’ twice, not finnishing my lunch, not mixing the paints, not going to the loo ( a dangerous one ) and leaving the whole thing showing on the interactive whiteboard , for all the SMSA’s to read

Female blogosheres are in the news tonight – just behind Gordon ( no relation ) Brown , storming out of a TV interview still attached to his microphone – how embarrassing is that , puts my personal revelations to the dinner ladies in perspective ! No, my role model ‘Petite Anglaise’ is quitting and she’d won a £450.000 Penguin Book Deal on the back of her blog . i don’t think mine even warrants a Penguin Biscuit !

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  1. I ,sometimes,have to hold on for upto 9 hours when I do one of the larger craft fairs. Any longer than that and I start to go dizzy and orange.Perhaps we could have a competition?

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