Don’t visit us in smart clothes

Have been to The wonderful Soho Theatre twice this week .Once to see the musical ‘Lift ‘ and once for Tranny Bingo . In a couple of weeks ,they are showing something called ‘What would Beyonce do ? ” . The other day I was talking to someone and he had one of those plastic wristbands on with WWJD on it . I thought it might mean ‘ What would Johnnie Dwyer do ? ‘ (cos stupidly I’d left off the second D ) , but in fact ,he told me it stood for ‘What would Jesus do ?’ ….

Which brings me to my point .I have a problem , not a big one , but a ‘Moral maze’ type one ,and I don’t know what to do .So lying in bed last night unable to sleep ,I went down the WWBD? and the WWJD? route…and surprisingly ,I came to no conclusion .So today ,I’ve reverted to WWJDD? and then ignored his advice .

PS – the wall has gone and all the dust is in the fruit bowl !

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