Don’t worry I’m not going to start on the B’s tomorrow

There must be something about our family , cycling and the letter A .Tomorrow Jacob is cycling south from Amsterdam to Antwerp – but not the direct route .He is taking the scenic coastal ( windy ) route .I suppose if he keeps the sea on his right and the windmills on his left ,he can’t go far wrong .Thank goodness that today after a week in the capable hands of the GPO a parcel containing his padded pants, cycling shorts, gloves, cycling top and jacket plopped onto his …..neighbour’s doormat. Several notes and an attempt at forced entry , later , they were delivered to Jacob’s apartment .

Meanwhile ,in between priming the doors and reading the Screwfix Catalogue, John is in training for his cycle ride from Ealing to Amsterdam ( not while Jacob is in Antwerp , now that would be silly ).

Then after work today ,my head of department , who we shall call A ( even though his name’s Paul – but that wouldn’t fit in with the theme ), called me to a meeting , which we had on the exercise bikes .

And as for Florence , she has an A in her middle name ( as does John,Jacob,Rosie and I ) , so that’s rather spooky isn’t it – but nothing to do with bikes ?

New photos tomorrow xxxxx

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  1. What? Those 3 wheelers that go about -3mph? Good job John’s not riding one of those – he’d never get to Amsterdam …

  2. No – proper exercise bikes – we have about 3 in the hall now .Students love them !
    Did you see ‘Born to be different ‘? If you did ,did you see the bike used to take Shelby out ? it is a bike with a ( sort-of )wheelchair attached to the front . Well, we’ve been on those in Bushy Park was geat fun .The students loved it .It was a boiling hot day and we had to pedal like crazy to get it up the tiniest of slopes .Gina and I were hysterical – esp when she nearly tipped hers over – even though they are designed not to tip .I’d take a group of students there again tomorrow .

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