DP’s greatest hits – a banker for the car

They did what they said on the box.

They were fab-u-lous. The poofs came out singing Dolly Parton’s ‘Nine to five’ , which Rosie, Flo and I used to belt out in the car , even though Islands in the Stream, was my favourite cos I couldn’t keep up with 9 to 5. They then went out to sing and dance for an hour .It was their ‘pre Edinburgh Fringe testing out their act session’ night in a small theatre ,above a pub in Chiswick.I spoke to Stephen afterwards ( the tall slim one with great legs ) and asked him who his favourite musical guests were on ‘Fri Night with JR ‘….Kylie ( who Flo and I saw) and Neil Diamond .Worst ever interview …Ian Wright. I can’t remember seeing that one , did anyone else ?

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