On one hand they are asking you to join them, but ,one year on ,and I am still not sure if I come under the umbrella of lesbian,gay,bisexual or transgender .Since last seeing The Pink Singers ,I have been taking a daily dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin with an added dose of Vitamin C ,and so there might have been some physical changes.The fact I can’t sing might stunt my application ,but they are forever waving ‘The equal opps’ banner, and so they might at least give me an audition.

Tonight was brilliant – what isn’t there to love about songs from the movies ? I had a serious ‘mind-the-gap’ moment ,when the first song they performed was ‘Circle of Life’ .As most of you know ,it was the final song at Rosie’s funeral . We chose it because of that video of her standing on someone’s kitchen table,belting it out , with ( I think ) Stu ,Holly and a few others .Next came one of my all-time international favourite songs from a film ( the Thomas Crown Affair ) -‘Windmills of Your Mind’ which was sung by the great-man,Noel Harrison’s son,Simon Harrison .I don’t know if you remember ,but a couple of years ago ,my friend printed out the words to that song ,and we sang it as we walked across the cliffs from Dover to Deal ( where I lost my purse in a pub , and had to persuade The British Transport Police to let me travel back on the train ,without a ticket ) .I won’t list every song ,but there were some tearjerkers …’I will always Love You’, ‘The Sound of Silence ‘ and ‘Zadok the Priest’ and then some camp-over-the-top-belt-em-out-medleys…’I’ve had the Time of My life’. ‘Nine to five and ‘Nothings Gonna stop us Now’..It was a fabulous evening, only slightly spoiled by the fact I left the T shirt I had just bought from Peter Jones, under my seat ,

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