Easter Hols

2 weddings and a family gathering and another good-bye and a trip to Walberswick .

Then later today ,another good-bye and a welcome to my brother who i haven’t seen for a couple of years


Wedding 1 – Tim and Amanda…..The Cotswolds . Beautiful , happy , amazing speeches , too many Negronis, line dancing ( not to be advised after too many Negronis ) , fire-pits, roast beef etc. Felt very spoilt and privileged to be there

Wedding 2- Dad and Godmother …. conducted by The Catholic Priest and attended by Claire, Martin ,Daniel who’s deaf ,A bisexual Syrian refugee friend and of course ,Fleabag .

I’m emotionally wiped out after watching that – just brilliant .

Family Gathering – Jacob and Florence and a big full English

Walberswick – staying with my friend, SA . The Anchor is booked for supper

First goodbye- Florence , at king’s Cross with the heaviest suitcase in the world , and a 6 hour train ride to Glasgow ( half the time it takes to fly back from Japan – how weird is that ?)

Second goodbye – Jacob , ,Boston manor , small rucksack and a 50min flight to dam , where KLM still give you a drink and a scooby-snack.

Then …..Richard and Lise are in town , so I’ve dusted off my Ottolenghi !

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  1. Just before watching Fleabag…..I was reading a book I accidently discovered yesterday, written by a mother about her son,When death takes something from you give it back ~ Naja Marie Aidt. I think it is alreadypretty special, so I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it.

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