I feel I should write something about DC , the man , not the place .
His memoirs are out ,but I cannot bear to look at his face , but then he writes about the grief for his son ,Ivan and so I read selective bits and then I feel sad and sadder and anxious about brexiB and cross and all sorts of things that aren’t good and so I’ll write something positive ..in fact a recommendation ….
Visit Eltham Palace if you can ….henry VIII grew up there , The Coutald family bought it in the 1830’s and completely renovated and extended it .Is an an Art deco marvel . The audio guide is free and good , the grounds beautiful and the Koi Carp hungry . For all you South London hipsters , it is a hop , skip and a jump away ( I felt it was near the place you made me squeeze through the railings ?!) .

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