Especially the salsa ones

The day got better

I went up to Central St Martins- wow, what a beautiful building – it must be an amazing place to go to college .I bet there isn’t one student who hasn’t got drunk and run through those fountains . Adam Watson – as well as being one of the loveliest men alive , you are a genius . He showed me his portfolio and one of his final pieces- I was blown away by his skill, creativity and the beauty of his work .The fashion industry is a better place having him in it .

From there I went and met some friends at Jessindeedy’s ‘Musical Bingo’ at Drinkshopdo . Top trumps round for me was the final one ‘songs from the musicals’ .Everyone was singing like crazy and then all of a sudden we found ourselves swept up by the people at the next table ( average age 25 ) , who pushed the tables back and started the dancing . The whole place was jumping .

(I think I impressed them all with my zumba moves )

Jess asked us if we wanted to come to her next lunchtime one – maybe she was worried about our blood-pressure ( or knees)

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