Even Dr.Pixie looked surprised

I was just about to sit down with a steaming mug of fair-trade, coarsely ground, Costa Rican ,strong blend coffee ,when I watched ‘Embarrassing bodies’ – put me right off .I wouldn’t mind , but she only cleaned the end of the tube with a wet wipe .

4 Replies to “Even Dr.Pixie looked surprised”

  1. How could you go into work the next day after showing yourself stick a tube up your bum. And it was only that cheap Sainsburies stuff .Extra nectar points for advertising ?

  2. I saw an obesity special of embarassing bodies, and the doctor was examining a large man-breast in her hands, and he said to her “cor luv, you’re half lucky we aint down t’pub. its grope for a grope in there.”

  3. Was puzzling over the coffee reference…..but have just seen the repeat. My horror was that she used INSTANT! xx

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