*except maybe Geoffrey

Now Darren is back from his amazing cycle across Kenya , he has chosen some beautiful and very moving photos of Rosie …

Her 18th Birthday party ,2007, our kitchen , with Helen on her left .

On The Staten Island Ferry , NYC , 2007, with Tim on her right ( I loved it when she wore her hair up )

Worthing seafront , around 1992. We had taken Grandpa down to Gifford House , an ex servicepersons respite care home , and we went on to have a fabulous day .

This is odd that Darren chose this photo as 2 weeks ago today ,John and I went to Worthing and had lunch in Crabshack . We walked along the front , up the pier , popped into the amusements and got hooked on the machine where you roll 2p down a shoot and a machine edges the coins forward . We must have spent a good half an hour in there as I was determined to get the £5 note that was teetering on the edge . I never got it and I finally relented and when a young child and her father took over my space , I even told them my tactics !

Anyway , while strolling , I talked about the very day that photograph was taken . It is a really strong memory . I remembered Geoffrey being anxious , me being more anxious and not wanting to show it , Joan feeling guilty as we drove off with him , although his stay was only for 2 weeks and he was doing her head in . Then ,once he was safely in situ , we hit the seafront and the mini funfair , and everyone was happy *.

Sadly , the last photo , I’m not sure about – it looks like she is dressed up for something – a nursery school play perhaps ?

Happy days , so beautiful , like my other children , she doesn’t know how loved she is .

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