factor 50

Phew what a scorcher, while AF basked on a Northumbrian beach we bbq’d in a west London garden. John won the table tennis tournament and our team won ‘the game with no name ‘ with an added category- a favourite dish. ( does anyone have a clue as to what I’m talking about ? ) . of course the main topic of conversation was BGT. I think Diversity deserved to win and kids shoul not be on it…..in the words of Mrs Merton ”lets have a heated debate”……………..

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  1. I agree Diversity were brilliant and the tall guy (Ashley?) will be a real star. I also had a real soft spot for Stavros Flatley,although I did worry about the dad’s lack of fitness.Sorry but I didn’t want Hollie to win and think the male soprano should have gone through.Was it 19 million who watched it ?Is that about the same amount who were watching your table tennis tournament?Big respect John.

  2. diversity were definitely worthy winners, but i don’t know how the man and his saxaphone got third place, i was rooting for stavros.

    as a first time commenter i also want to tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog daily and apologise for not plucking up the courage to comment sooner. helenka x

    oh and i completely agree. little kids, especially the kind who cry, should definitely not be allowed on

  3. An added category to the game with no name-controversial! Favourite dish is a good one though. Were you in the winning team, making up for the contract whist shock defeat?
    I loved Diversity but felt bad for Susan Boyle, the whole world thought she was going to win she must have been so disappointed! Apparently shes in the Priory now…!
    Have to disagree though, whole point of BGT is that its universal so of course kids should be allowed on it-im preparing for a torrent of abuse…

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