Fat Boy Silm & Zoe & Woody live in Hove now.

I got a couple of emails and txts re: Enterprise swimming club. One was from Steph in Jersey, Jane’s best friend at school, who as I recall went out with Trevor from the club ( so not only did it provide exercise , but a micro-dating agency ).Steph pointed out that Jane NEVER went in the sea , just held court on the beach . Which reminded me of the year , we had our summer outing ( 1969 ? ) to Hove, not only did we have a pre-lunch sea dip, but gungho Norah, the chief instructor had booked ‘King Alfreds Baths ‘ for an afternoon session ( swim – not a reference to the dating agency ). At the end of the session , all the strong swimmers stayed in the pool , we divided into 2 teams ,identifiable by a rather fetching red or white swimming hat which tied under the chin …then a game of hi-lo commenced ( a sort of water basketball ) Well the final scene in ‘Gladiator ‘ had nothing on this. Disability or not , it was survival of the fittest ( prob the originator of equal opps ), there were limbs flying everywhere ( literally ) and the shouting , as about 3 players were blind, and the grabbing as about 4 players who were deaf. I think the St johns ambulance bunch were only called upon twice. I was in the losing team.

Georgina , I know about the co-op ad. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry , all i know I’m boycotting the shop on principle of stealing one of Rosie’s top 5 ipod tunes …..anyway theres not one round here ( but there is in Stirchley – so go start a protest ).

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  1. 2 things….
    1. With the description of the game Hi Lo I am once again reminded of ‘ Meet the Fockers ‘
    2. Suddenly everything falls into place…. Now we understand where the zeal for organised games comes from !

  2. I keep thinking about Joan and her halter-neck on upside done(back a few posts). When I was little,my dad did his back in, wriggling around U-bends (he was a plumber).He was self-employed and couldn’t afford to be off work so his doctor insisted he wore this fitted girdle with iron bones in to give him support.(This was a long time ago,I was probably playing outside in the street,trying to climb onto my penny-farthing bike.) After a week of us all listening to my dad moaning about this girdle,my mum (a nurse) insisted on seeing how he was strapping it up, (a modest couple).He’d been wearing it upside down all week. Or maybe he been given the australian version….Joan is not the only one…..

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