favourite colour

Walked through Osterley Park yesterday and saw the bluebells, how i love their colour . Rosie chose that colour for her room , it was beautiful even when she covered it with tickets, notes, vouchers and illicit photos….talking of which I was introduced to some more of that kinda stuff on ‘off your facebook’ last night . Yes Stu, Holly and Madeleine navigated me around a whole new world. It was amazing yet heartbreaking to see Rosie SO happy and laughing.The longing for her just gets worse.

Then today i heard my close friends are national ( well Dorset ) heroes . Bob and his posse stretchered off an injured walker off a mountain **. After being told to keep clear of the air ambulance.

And it was a weekend for Brothers , had coffee with John , Michael’s brother – up from Dorset ( no relation to the injured walker ) and Andrew , John’s ( not Michael’s brother- but Rosie’s dad ) came to stay. We all now have strong brummy accents , except me who is favouring the Dorset one.

**It wasn’t really a mountain , but makes for a better story.

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