Feel free to ask for a viewing

I’m a bit shocked and embarrassed .
But once I’d read it , passed out , dropped to the floor , picked myself up , I went and had the whole lot tattooed on my arse !

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  1. This is all the more lovely because it was so unexpected (I’m talking about the article not your tattoo…)
    It shows how powerful your feelings are for Rosie and how Mandy’s friendship with you has kept you strong.
    Well done John on your proud husband post and well done to you both for keeping your heads above the black waters and for battling on x

  2. Thank you so much for writing that .
    You are a dear dear friend , and I loved our coffee in Maids of Honour although next time I’ll insist on a china cup !!

  3. I decided to spiral upwards .
    You can just about see the words ”Pippa’s exercises !” at the base of my cleavage !

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