Film 09

Went to see a cutsey love story last night with a bit of football thrown in . I bet you’re all thinking ‘bend it like beckham ‘ came out ages ago , and yes you are right , in fact , us 5 Dwyers took Grandma to see it , the night before we went to Walberswick. So she could walk and see then – so probs 6years ago ?? No it was ‘dammed united ‘ sitting in my Barry Norman /Jonathan Ross chair ( in my dreams ) , I give it 5 out of ten….so in other words don’t waste your time . It didn’t help the lady behind Nat and Flo kept clicking her fingers / knees / pelvis ….and no it wasn’t Sarah.

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  1. Are you sure that the lady behind wasn’t ‘finger-knitting’-as on ‘Britain’s got Talent’? Sounds like she is at the advanced stage if she’s using her knees and pelvis….
    PS I think that I would love that film as the last sports book I read was ‘Provided You don’t Kiss me’ all about 20 years with Brian Clough. Brilliant.

  2. how many more one liners can this cheesey woman get in her blog. south london gal thru and thru aint ya. Can take the girl out of south london but you cant take the south london one liners out of the gal.

  3. Jake should get his own rival blog, its obvious he’s dying to have one! His comments do make me laugh though-Rachel do you have competition?!

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