Finding strength

For me , grief is like dieting .

I read everything there is to read about it ,but of course deep down ,I know there is no miracle cure .

I eat too much ,therefore I look like I do . I miss ,love, yearn for Rosie so much , therefore I feel like I do . There is no magic wand . I am not on a bloody journey ( God, how I hate that expression ) .I am where I am …fat and sad .

But neither stop me from having a good time with kind people ( still not too good on my own – but ask Joan , I never have been ) and even though I love nature, the arts , my job ,travel , food and drink , my home , board games, exploring , I still read everything I can get my hands on about dieting and grief .Stupid isn’t it ? Guess it makes me feel less alone , less of a failure .

So yesterday’s little gem was in the family section . A father was writing about his little girl’s grief . His wife died when their daughter ,Romy, was 6 years old and he was concerned that bereavement seemed too much for a young child .In his words ”Too vast .Too complicated ”. To cut a long story short ,Romy , would not talk about her grief , her father,Carl, worried that his daughter was bottling up her feelings.But when she asked him to ‘make’ Mummy from cardboard boxes ,it was a breakthrough …

I’ll let you read the article , but he closes with this

”Bereavement is a lifetime’s project and as Romy gets older she will doubtless encounter many road blocks on the way .Moments when she feels stuck, emotionally in chains.My hope is that she thinks back to that extraordinary time and finds strength in those memories and her own courage ”

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