Fiona gets a kebeb for her birthday

Sally , that would be wonderful if you could do it, it’s on Sunday11th July and you can register on You can wear Grandma’s TShirt, sadly she couldn’t run it last year ( a hot date with Arthur ) and this year she’s washing her hair.

Just a couple of thoughts on the run …… is it when the girls are in Benicassim?….should we set up an off yourfacebook page ?

As you can probably tell a) I’m hyper b) I’m not at Grandma’s today .Thats cos I was up at 4 am , on the M1 at 5am and back here in the bath at 8am . No, I wasn’t going to my other job as an Easyjet Trolley Dolley ( orange is so not my colour ) , but taking Florence, Fiona and Nat to Luton Airport , where they are jetting of to Istanbul to celebrate Fifi’s 18th. I expect jacob has the champagne chilling on ice.

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  1. Darling Rachel, I love your blog. I think it would make a good movie. Renee Zellweger to play you, I think – once she’s hit the roads a bit and stayed off the meat n’ tater pies for a month or two. Thinking of you every day and so good to be able to keep up with how you are all doing.

  2. as i couldn’t do the 10k last year i would love to be able to do it this year, it would mean a lot to be able to participate in such a lovely event.

    on a different note, i’m meant to be starting some work at a buddhist centre in town. perhaps we can wear our orange together rachel?? i’m hoping the shaved head will not be mandatory..

    Helenka xxx

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