Florence has travelled from the south east to the north west of the country in one day

We’re home safe and sound after the most wonderful little mini-break.We stayed in the most fabulous blue, Scandinavian type house right on the beach .It had HUGE windows giving us a 180 degree view of the sea ( after 3 years ,you know how much I love the sea ). It had a telescope ,books on birds ( untouched by us ) and 2 Joey and Chandler chairs ( fought over by us ) which were right in the bay window looking out to sea .The open plan sitting room was big enough to play Frisbee ( and of course- doms, contract and Trivs ) in . John and Jacob played about 7 games of pool in the local pub, while Florence and I managed to complete one game of darts – we had to abort ending on a double and go for nearest to the bull instead- it was a very long game ,I think we need to practice . On Thursday we got blown into Whitstable and then fought our way back against 30 mph hour winds, came home, thawed out and then once again fought against the elements to walk along the beach to our second nearest local pub ,The Sportsman. This one had a Michelin Star ( but sadly , no dartboard ) and we all had a gastronomic feast. After waking up to the sounds of the sea ( drowned out the snoring ), sitting up and looking directly out onto the most beautiful beach..we did a reverse of the ‘2009 black-toenail ‘walk…Seasalter to Faversham. It was about 8 miles of stunningness and no toenails were destroyed in the making of this trudge ( as Rosie used to call tour little expeditions ). Faversham is all sort of Dickensian and pretty, and so was the little pub we ended up in . Then we rounded of the evening with moderny ,fusiony tapas at Jojo’s in Tankerton. We drank Kentish Wine , then came home and made calypso coffees and to round the evening off Jacob and I thrashed John and Florence at ( haven’t played it for ages ) Trivial pursuits.

Went to sleep thinking of Rosie ,and listening to the sea…..she’s out there somewhere.

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  1. I have very fond memories of playing Trivial Pursuits with you guys in Birmingham after we’d spent hours driving from London with Jane in the snow – and of the snowman we made in your garden.x

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