flos new nickname


we have come to the conclusion that florence needs another nickname. This is it!

any guesses as to the reasoning behind this nickname?

Yours truly

Mother of the moo

2 Replies to “flos new nickname”

  1. You are a criminal ( thats not what Flobster thermaldrawres means )
    The internet crime squad have been alerted

  2. I’m guessing it’s because Florence has a double love of 1940 gangster movies and damart underwear.This could be a trend worth following—-tribly hats made of flannelette, hot water bottles in the shape of violin cases,’you dirty rat’ embroidered into a logo…o sorry I thought you said ‘mobster’. Now I think it’s because she has shiny pink pyjamas and likes to be beside the seaside… o sorry I though you said ‘lobster’. I dunno.

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