Foodie talk

I’ve re-discovered lemon curd.

For the first time tonight ( courtesy of Ealing Farmers Market ) we are trying red curly kale – smells like stale seaweed- can’t wait .

2 Replies to “Foodie talk”

  1. try it fried in butter ,with a bit of garlic- the kale not the lemon curd.Never seen it red though-it might taste different

  2. Try Sainsbury’s TTD lemon curd. Almost like home made- which I know is quite easy but I am too lazy. Great on a hefty chunk of home made wholemeal bread. Would love to see you but take note of the scatter gun invitation thing you mentioned so when are you free to come up to Sunny (actually cold and very grey today) Sheffield. Molly has to choose options soon (KS4 starts in Y9 at her school). She wants to do art and when we visit the art dept I always think of your beautiful and talented Rosie…and her lovely family too. Do come and see us. We have a very empty calendar and lots of room. What about a springtime date when the days are a bit longer?I’ve got a wedding to do at the end of march. Early April any good. x

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