For Siobhan,Jane and Rosie

I know Dec, its all wrong . It just doesn’t make sense . Why Rosie and Jane died goes round and round it my head. I try to make sense of it , but can’t .I get cross ,because I feel they were cheated and I get sad because I want them so much . I always go back to the statement a friend of mine, whose son died aged 19 ,said ” Rachel,there is no logic in this world” …and she is right.

So ,Dec, like you , I get out there and walk .Yesterday John and I went into the Chilterns, this morning I sacrificed watching the rugby ( too much Johnny shouting ) and met my friend Mary and her dog Paddy in Richmond park , and then tomorrow ,we are going to Kew gardens .Walking , in beautiful surroundings , is a positive way for me to try and get my head in order . So too are games , so tonight its dins at Mandy and Chris’s and then a good thrashing at contract whist.

My English teacher ,Miss Vincent, at High school crucified all the books we had to read – consequently ,I never bothered finishing them , loathed the subject and scraped an English Lit O’ Level just by reading Cole’s Notes! I know bark on about him , but I really like the simplicity and poignancy of the words of Michael Rosen .For me, this is a very beautiful and moving poem

The silence lasts forever

It is as quiet in the second it ended

as it is years later.

Quieter than a painting

There is nothing as quiet as this.

It is as quiet as nothing.

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