For the award, not a wedding ?

You know I believe we are all somewhere on the Autistic spectrum. Well to add to all my isms- wiping the work surfaces ( even when they are clean ) , writing my diary EVERY night (even if I am super pooped), removing things off surfaces and putting them away ( so know one knows where the hell they are- this one makes me very unpopular)…I now google the Glasgow weather forecast everyday – and Flo you’ll be glad to know you can give the souwester a rest as it’s going to be in the roaring twenties this week.

Meanwhile ,while Flo rejuvenates herself with a deep fried Mars Bar , Jacob is basking in the sun on a pontoon in The Danube ( not to be confused with The Brent ) .He’s in Austria staying with a friend and then travelling overnight,by train ,to Venice where his film ,Wires , is being screened at The Venice Bienale.Im very proud , it was shown at the Baftas ,last week. Should I get a hat ?

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  1. Congratulations Jacob, that’s fantastic news on your Biennale and Bafta screenings; and no wonder you’re proud Rachel – that’s pretty awesome stuff 🙂

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