from our house to Terminal 5 , Departure Lounge, Heathrow Airport in 55minutes- a record ( all on public transport )-

Turning back the clocks big-time is dangerous. I try not to do it ,but of course ,I do .

This time 10 years ago we were glowing after a trip to beautiful Sri Lanka, Jacob, Rosie ,Florence and I were still at school , John’s 50th bash had gone well , maggotgate was forgotten. All was good with the world .I can’t even go there .

But…turning back the clocks to a week ago and wishing I was back there is fine ( sod the Mindfulness ) .

Thank you Declan ,Neal and Dottie for the most amazing mini-break . We loved the not-so-early-morning swims in the sea,the walks , the all day swims in the pool , the walks. the talks, the beauty of your house and garden, the sunshine, the Scrabble , the sun-downers on the beach , the food, the drink – just EVERYTHING.

Plus I finished the best book I have read in ages – Shtum by Jem Lester

Plus I watched last night’s ‘A World Without Down’s Syndrome ?’ with a heavy heart .My only criticism of the programme was that it only showed high functioning people with D.S. I hope it has made people think , this is not and can never will be a perfect world and I am glad I am part of a community where all people are valued .

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