From ‘The Thomas Crown Affair

I think I need to explain myself ,I have been speaking gibberish lately , but, interestingly to me ,it all makes sense…

Firstly , Jacob , you must have missed them , but for 24 hours I put some photos Augustine sent me , from The Southend Academy , of Brenda , the students and their artwork . But ,I made a booboo and they take up too much memory , so I’ve sent them to Bert and he’s going to include them in a new section ”news from Kenya”

Secondly , the bit about the Bronnikov method was referring to a programme I watched . Derren Brown ( I love him ) took a blind woman ( not Grandma ) and her carer ( alas not me), to experience Bronnikov’s barking mad, money making psychic load of claptrap, method , which claims ‘it ‘enables you to see without using your eyes”.

Thirdly , I was in a bit of a state this morning and made a Freudian slip – I meant 17 dam sad ,horrible months ,NOT mothers.

Today was fab. Mandy and I got the train to Manningtree and walked along The River Stour to Flatford Mill- it is beautiful . We saw Willy Lott’s House , the bit on the river where Constable painted The Hay Wain , nearly had a frontal lobotomy when I walked into a low beam in the 17century gallery. We then strolled along the river to Debden , were looking around the church , when it started filling up for a Scottish wedding ( ? )- dam cheek.. Mandy introduced a new dimension into the whole proceedings – a song. She’d printed off the words to Noel Harrisons’ ( anyone my age remember him – he was gorgeous ?)- Windmills of your mind . Sadly , she’d printed it in very small font – we were so close squinting at it , a couple of times we were nearly face down in The River Stour

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  1. nice one- just looked it up on the map. your truly loving the essex walks at the moment.Me and Liam did a close eqivalent of you and mand today- but we cycled up to tynemouth. Got to the beach and it was full of pissed up year 11’s just off school for study leave. Then I filmed Liam cycling as far as he could into the sea before he fell of his bike. I didn’t go in.Just got back in. bought a bottle of wine for neighbours whom we pissed off the other night and smoothed things over.J

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