Front crawl

I’ve spoken more to Jacob since hes been in Istanbul , than I did when i was at home. I got in from ‘The Enterprise swimming club for disabled people’ ( its official name ) 50th anniversary luncheon , to hear Jacob’s voice booming down the stairs. You’ll all be pleased to know he’s having a hair cut today and went on an Erasmus boat party last night. While talking , he was handed a chilled Efes and so we did a virtual clinking across cyberspace.

Yes Grandma and I went out for a swimming club reunion bash – it was lovely – a bit of a busman’s holiday , but lovely. When we were kids we used to go every Friday and the whole ethos of the club was inclusion and fun. So anyone with a disability was taught to swim 1 to 1 ( Halliwick method ) and so was any member of their family – all that was asked was that ‘ you gave something back’ .So Mum was poolside recorder, Dad did transport ( and loads of lifting ) and i trained as a swimming instructor. We had the most amazing outings – usually, Hove, Eastbourne or Worthing. Back in the 60’s there were no ramps,hoists or tail lifts and so friends were recruited to help with the lifting. It would take about an hour to load up the coach , we’d hit the A23 , the Mavis down the front always wanted the toilet! We always swam in the sea, had tea on the pier ( booked ) and then stopped at the pub and for fish and chips. Saw some amazing photos – one of Grandma in a halterneck top ( the right way round ) at a dinner and dance , and one of Jane and Graham ( who had the same condition ) standing in front of the coach, they were so little , but by God she was pretty – blew me away .SoGood to hear the club is still growing strong.

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