Fry,boil or roast ?

Steph,I’ll send you a copy next week and Adam , it was from a website called something like ‘goodoldfashionedfatfilledpuds’, sorry I can’t be more specific but I put the hot dish on the printed off recipe and it stuck to the bottom ( and probably enhanced the flavour ).

Have spent a lovely couple of days with Ma famille. Last night we went to our newly done-up local ,The Foresters , we had a good old Thai feast in the back , then coffee,chasers ,and a game of contract in the front .We even knew a member of the bar staff and 2 diners ( the bar staffs supportive Mother and Sister ).It was just like being in The Rovers Return and substituting Betty’s Hotpot for a Phad Khing Prik. Jacob won The Contract and the managers going to get some Campari and grapefruit in for our next visit. Then today we went up to the fabulous Hunterian Museum and saw a naff exhibition ‘Abnormal-Towards a Scientific Model of Disability'( but lots of picled testicles ) ,a stroll across Waterloo Bridge ,lunch at the BFI and then the Gerhard Richter at the Tate Mod – somewhat disappointing as I thought he discovered hurricanes, and I was looking forward to seeing the room shake . We are entertaining tomo night , so tonight I’m browsing my recipe books , while watching ‘4 in a bed’ .I bought some Jerusalem Artichokes so now I have to work out what to do with them .

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  1. Artichokes always make me think of Rosie since the time in Nov 2008 when I had her and Helen round for drinks and told them to ‘bring some nibbles’. Hel brought crisps, so far so normal, and then Ro tured up with a jar of artichoke hearts because she had seen them in your kitchen and thought they looked good! She spent her evening eating them out the jar, it made me laugh a lot xxx

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