Funnily enough , our first-night campsite neighbours followed us across the field later the next day

Other than just after the first time John and I had a chicken and spinach balti in Adil’s Stoney Lane , Thursday night was the worst wind I have ever experienced . Maybe it had something to do with the fact we put the awning up after the first glass of vino or that we had never put the awning up before or that we were camping near the edge of a cliff or that there were 40mph gusts of wind . Anyway ,we woke up at 2am …scared .The earth was moving ….as was the camper van as was the awning as were our nerves . We woke up at 7 to find the awning was still attached- just .So in 45mph winds , we attempted to move it to the more sheltered side of the site .Looked easy- until John let go of his side ,a huge gust of wind took it and I was blown backwards and disappeared from view , then there was an enormous crack .I couldn’t breathe,I couldn’t see , I was on my back ( think ,woodlice when they flick over ) …so I did a quick self-assessment -I hadn’t fallen off the cliff ,I hadn’t broken any bones ,I couldn’t see or hear because I was completely engulfed in the awning .But what were those distant hyena sounds I could just about make out ? John in hysterics of course ..

Then the weekend just got better , we walked over huge cliffs , ate wonderful food, played boule, scrabble, barbecued , people-watched ( campsites are the BEST places for this ) , cycled (John ) , lay on the beach ( me) .If I had one teeny weeny niggle , it was that I didn’t go in the sea ,as I didn’t have a ‘quick-dip,splash around,gawp at everyone on the beach’ buddy and i just don’t like going in on my own cos i feel a bit of a twit.

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  1. Bring your van and hook up next to us …then we can go in the sea together ( it’ll be nothing compared to all our Wed afternoon Gurnell Pool adventures !)

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