Games and Rosie’s friends are a great distraction

If you click onto ‘We Cluster and We Stick ‘ you can now see the pictures from Rosie’s exhibition, they are amazing and beautiful and SO Rosie- I love them .

We had a very special Christmas Present this morning , a portrait of Rosie, painted by Hazel Kyle- it is beautiful , we were all very moved by the warmth of it.

AF has returned to the fold , safe and sound via The Baltic ( an art gallery , not the sea )Newcastle Airport, Newcastle Kebab Hut, Newcastle Station, kings Cross, The plough , The Fletchers, a ladder from our back garden up to Flo’s bedroom ( a tried and trusted method of Rosie’s when she’d forgotton her keys ). He was tucked up in bed at 3.40am , clutching his new library books!

Today ,John was working , so i promised to take Jacob and Florence to a gallery and out to lunch . but ….The Whitechapel/Mueum of Everything?both Tates/Hayward/V&A ?Nat history/ Kew Gardens were all closed . So we settled for a Torville and Dean style walk down the canal to Brentford , late lunch in Prezzo, same treacherous walk back and a game of Cluedo with Izzy,Nikki and Stu. Sadly we couldn’t find Cluedo and so made do with ‘Humbug’ , a jar of banderillos, a a few beers and a box of Terri’s chocolate orange segments,, with what the Admen would say,”hilarious results’.

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