Geoffrey’s baby Sister

If I haven’t turned the computer off when I get into bed,I now drift off looking at Edward and Bella Stevens. Today they send me a photo of them at the Isis. Mind you it was like something out of The Da Vinci Code ( not their photo, but access to it )…..first a text , then a website ,then a code – all very exciting , I didn’t know what I was getting, so a lovely surprise- and now they have replaced Elena and Florence as our screensaverSpookily ,I had been walking in Richmond Park ,with their Auntie Mary ,early this morning . We witnessed plenty of rutting …and then the cyclists came out the bushes,adjusted their lycra and joined us for a frothy coffee

This afternoon ,I visited Auntie Grace in her old folks home. I’m not entirely convinced she knew exactly who I was , but I kept on yapping , and she appeared interested ,especially when I showed her my sports injury.Then I realised she’d nodded off ( and called security ).

We are dining with Terri and Paul tonight. It lifts my spirits when people ask us to do something , because being excluded along with the isolation and loneliness of grief can really get me down. I cannot always predict how I am going to feel or what I’m able to cope with ,so all I ask is that you stick with us, keep asking us to do stuff ,and even though it might have been a bridge too far in the past,I /things/ we/ our mood / our coping mechanisms change second by second.

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